Every Second Counts

July 8, 2020,
7:00 am –
8:00 am


Building Better Sports Fan Experiences Through Secure Mobile Apps and Connected Game Play


Eoin Connolly,
Editor At Large
| SportsPro


Leanne Johnson,
Vice President of Digital
| Milwaukee Bucks
Lucas von Cranach,
CEO & Founder
| Onefootball
Lu Bolden,
Chief Revenue Officer
| Verimatrix

Full Description

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Sport franchises have been busy reimagined their mobile apps to enhance the fan experience, both in stadiums and at home. They’ve gone beyond basic functions such as displaying team rosters, season schedules, and statistics to support live video streaming events, digital ticketing, in-seat concession ordering, contests and augmented reality. With fan touchpoints expanding, so have the threat surfaces exploited by hackers; apps are being reverse engineered, streams are being hijacked, personal and financial information is being stolen and revenue is being lost. In business, every second counts.

This webinar will showcase how we’re living through a time of accelerated pace of technological change which is forever altering fan perceptions and demands for the sporting experience. Franchises who provide trusted gameday ecosystems will win over the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of fans – while preserving valuable revenue streams.

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