Churning It Around

July 9, 2020,
9:00 am –
10:00 am


How to Identify and Retain At-Risk Video and Internet Service Subscribers Using Data Stories


Sebastian Braun,
Director Product Management
| Verimatrix


Luc Bleylevens,
Senior Product Director, Subscriber Retention Management
| Cleeng
Daragh O Brien,
CEO & Managing Director
| Castlebridge
Derek Harrar,
| Zodiac

Full Description

Video consumption is transforming before our eyes. Today’s pay TV and OTT video distribution service providers are leapfrogging beyond video to tackle Internet and other connected services. This panel will explore how security vendors and systems integrators are working with operators to utilize the latest technology platforms, such as data harvesting & analytics tools, to surface subscriber profitability stories that can lead to actionable insights powerful enough to boost consumption rates, reduce churn and increase ARPU. Especially now in a climate of tight pocketbooks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, operators are looking to squeeze more efficiencies out of every dollar spent. This panel will explore why audience insights trends are powerful tools for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms.

Everyone who attends the live broadcast of this webinar will receive a free Kindle copy of Daragh O’Brien and Katherine O’Keefe’s book, “Ethical Data and Information Management: Concepts, Tools and Methods.”

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