Apps Under Siege

July 8, 2020,
11:30 am –
12:30 pm


Understanding Today’s Threats to Web/Mobile Applications and How to Defend Your IP While Safeguarding Customers



Pedro Fortuna,
Co-Founder & CTO
| Jscrambler
Neal Michie,
Director Product Management
| Verimatrix

Full Description

Companies today live and die by their apps. Whether they want to acknowledge it or not, virtually every company today is in the app business. Most of those apps – and the precious IP within them – are at risk today. The lack of application shielding is a giant blind spot and source of risk for many companies. This webinar will discuss what’s being done to protect apps from harm without degrading the user experience.

Topics explored:

  • New threats targeting in-house apps
  • Hottest trends in application development affecting security
  • Advanced shielding techniques on the market today to slow down and frustrate attackers

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