Adapt or Die

July 9, 2020,
11:30 am –
12:30 pm


The Content Distribution Model in Flux


Lu Bolden,
Chief Revenue Officer
| Verimatrix


Nic Wilson,
Head of Customer Success
| TiVo
Jack Davison,
| 3Vision

Full Description

Theaters are closed and new content consumption is happening at home. How are content owners and distributors adapting to maximize revenues and get the consumers what they want. Some are releasing titles to distributors faster while others are releasing directly to streaming services (whether pay TV or OTT) and skipping cinemas entirely. That represents a giant shift in revenue type with more high-priced content moving from cinemas to streaming.

Discussion Topics:

  • What’s changing within the content distribution business model and why
  • Are content producers gaining more power and influence?
  • Pirates follow the money; are OTT services at greater risk today?
  • How are the OTT and pay TV experiences converging?
  • What security technologies and integration methods will see an uptick in usage, and why?

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